Friday, December 23, 2016


When a new year is about to begin, we know that it’s overwhelming to add something new to the toy list. So, here’s a list which would help you narrow down your choices for a baby gift for a new year. Surely, you should take a look at these even before you rush to a shopping arcade. Not only would you be promoting overall development but also helping yourself meet impossibilities to hone in cognitive skills? You would actually get the most bang for the buck.
Baby Gym
You can actually use a baby gym from the very first day of the new year. You need to fancy one depending on what the purpose might be. Consider something with loops to hang toys for keeping the baby cheerful. Think about accessories like an easy-to-wipe mat which makes it a cinch to clear the mess. Later, you can dump it into the washing machine whenever the need arises. In reality, you would be adding new levels to hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and more.
Plastic Links
Why not consider such kinds of new year toys as the most versatile ones among the lot? You would be making it for on-the-go entertainment as you hang them to the little one’s car seat. Nothing is as better as these to be soft like teethers and let the baby explore unique textures. For sure, you shouldn’t miss out to include this in your holiday toy list as it encourages tactile exploration and oral discrimination.
Barbie Doll
Looking something for your daughter so there’s enough for that pleasant experience? Check out the barbie doll dressed in a formal outfit from head to toe. To complement the personality of the doll, you can pair it with Japanese sandals and an elegant small sized clutch bag. It’s simply marvelous for the fun during your little one’s playtime.
Board Books
Needless to say, the importance of bringing home these books is much more than you imagine. It’s certainly a part of pre-nap routines and packed with colorful illustrations along with shapes. If budget is quite less, then visit a local library for sourcing an inexpensive set. Well, you should go with this tip because your baby is bound to bite chunks much earlier than the new year ends. Cognitive skills development is what you can expect to boost through such new year gifts.
3D Card Paper Greeting Card
Why not embrace the virtual reality of a vehicle from day one of the new year? Your little son would yearn for more playtime as he develops an interest in this toy. Not just that, you would also be making him bold and confident for the years to come. Express your feelings through a message that can be printed in amazing fonts.

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