Tuesday, August 30, 2016


While you educate your dearest son or daughter with the social contributions of workers on Labor Day, celebrate the federal holiday with crafts ideas so that it renders a feeling of being thankful to people across the country. The crafts are easy and can be done when you accompany your little one and enjoy together. 

Thank You cards
Persuade your child to make simple thank you cards which have a personal touch blended with it. This would actually make you happy when children show gratitude to professionals in the federal government. These could be anything a postman, Sheriff, or Firemen. All you need is some cardstock paper, markers, and stickers. Simply fold the card paper in your own style, paste some attractive stickers and decorate the card slightly with the help of markers. Make sure that you have not forgotten to write ‘Thank You’ and you never go wrong in delivering the card. Guess what, this is not a costly affair but something that you can do it yourself on Labor Day sale.

An appealing board
When you know that it’s your responsibility to shape the child’s future, you need to inspire little ones to become ambitious. Think of buying a thick card paper, magazines, a pair of scissors, relevant stickers, and colorful markers. Simply, cut pictures and stick them on the board. Once you are ready, you start a conversation with your child and tell them what it takes to become someone great and eminent in life. When your child finds something new, he or she would be curious and point at images never seen. Use a positive tone so that it actually kindles creative interests within the child’s heart. Create that impact so that as the little one returns back to the board and be someone with ‘ you can do it’ attitude. You can think of buying attractive material from a Labor Day offer.

Puppet Show
When you know that there’s loads of spare time on a holiday, add some extra fun and develop imagination with a puppet show organized at home. Create characters and put on an act in your living room. Think of someone from an animated film which your little one likes most. Markers and paper bags are the things that you need. Sketch a face on the paper bag to mirror your child’s all time favorite profession. It could either be a doctor, dentist or even a pilot. Such a kind of recreational activity would make him or her aware of the world around him.

There’s always something useful that you can make from waste. It’s nothing but a bank which would aid your child to think about the value of money. Nothing is difficult to create a bank. Find an empty coffee can, paste paper and decorate it with the help of markers. In future, when your little one appreciates a notable achievement of a personality, then you could tell that there’s is no shortcut to success and earnings need to be saved for a living.

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