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Since infants are small and their stomach is not that big, it is evident that they would not consume a huge amount of feeding products. So it vital that you should feed your babies with foods which pack a nutritional punch. Make sure that the food stuff does not contain calcium for the bones but also protein for his or her growth. Needless to say, the food should help to offer energy which aids to cope with many things as he grows into a toddler. Here some best foodstuff that you need to consider while feeding the baby.

Bananas are packed with carbohydrates and these fruits offer a fiber which helps in the improvement of the digestive tract. Even when you are spending a vacation or attending an occasion, bananas can be carried along with you. You no longer need to worry of a substitute during such situations. Ensure that the bananas are ripe and can be easily mashed to prepare semi-molten foodstuffs. Hard bananas are difficult to peel and can’t be easily digested by the baby.

Sweet Potato
If your baby is all set for eating solid food, sweet potato is one the best options that you need to consider while feeding. As compared to other vegetables, such potatoes contain fiber, Vitamin C, potassium and antioxidant, beta-carotene which reduces the risk of suffering from Cancer. Once cooked and mashed, your baby would certainly cry for more due to the natural sweetness of such a kind of sweet potato.

You as a parent can consider eggs as a rich source of vitamins and proteins. While the egg white is loaded with protein, the yolk (the yellow portion of the egg) offers Zinc and different Vitamins, A, E, B12 and D. In addition, the yolk contains choline which is essential for the development of the infant’s brain. Intake of Zinc results in the prevention of acute diarrhea especially in small children and eliminates the risk of stunted growth. While Vitamin A is beneficial for the eyes and skin, Vitamin B12 contains iron and rules out the baby from suffering from ailments related to the liver and kidneys.

Surprisingly, beta-carotene in carrots, an antioxidant contributes towards clear vision since it converts Vitamin A into something nutritious. The reddish orange color is due to the presence of this antioxidant. The natural sweetness, as well as the tenderness after cooking, makes it for an enjoyable treat for babies who always love sweet flavored foodstuff. For those infants who prefer finger foods, you should go for sliced carrots.

If you think that your baby should grow into a strong toddler, then cheese which contains Calcium in abundance is vital for his or her digestive tract. This food item also contains Vitamin B2 which converts carbohydrates and fats into energy which is needed while making movements of body parts. This could either involve walking or hand motions. Cheese if not cut into minuscule pieces, then there are chances of it getting stuck inside the food pipe. This would finally result in choking thus making it difficult to breathe.

Even though babies are born with a huge amount of iron content in the body, the level plunges down within 5 to 6 months. Thus, it is recommended that you should feed the baby with rice cereals. This provides an additional source besides iron obtained through breastfeeding. For making the food tasty, garnish the cereals with small pieces of fruits. You can choose either a plum, peach or a pear. When compared with other cereals available in the market, rice cereals are not detrimental to health and do not cause allergies.

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