Tuesday, November 22, 2016


When you know that you have spare time on Black Friday, you should let your baby indulge in some or the other activity. Don’t know what you should do? Then, take a look about what we have thought
Place your baby in a chair comfortably and watch him or her making a mess. This is a great way to enjoy sensory exploration. Allow the little one to play with flour. Later, ask the baby about the texture of the flour. Subsequently, add some water to make it slimy and observe those giggles. If you have unlimited time, then you can steer the excitement through food colors. A single drop is sufficient to contribute to the extra indoor fun.
Think about a swim inside a bathtub overflowing with water. Fill the room with bubbles through soap mixed in water. If you are not up for this idea, then bring in toys for that special playtime. Make an impression that it’s August where you and your baby is basking under the sun along the seashore. Additionally, for that extra fun, you can think about moon sand for a sandcastle of your own. Implement this idea only when your baby has developed his or her hand-eye coordination skills.
Redefine a dance style through an activity that would tickle the baby’s body. Think about a fake spider and drop in on the baby’s body. Pretend that it has rained cats and dogs and now the insects are finding a new shelter. After it’s sunny, the spider-fingers climb the baby’s body. You would rejoice when the baby starts moving his hands and the entire body in a strange way.
If you’re restless and bored sitting in your rooms this Black Friday, then carry your baby to a shopping arcade. You shouldn’t plan to buy anything but have an enjoyable time at the center. Seek if the mall offers a location for the baby to while away the time. Besides, explore the site, Black Friday offers, and do some window-shopping. Make sure that you have hand sanitizers in your bag so that a cough or a runny nose keeps the baby away from germ attacks.
If it’s indoors that beckons you to stay away from the streets, then help you baby chase a ball. For sure, you would be working towards developing skills related to hand-eye coordination. Simply, roll the ball and nudge the little one to grab it. For more fun, you can think about a maze through cushions and pillows and encourage him or her to search till the dead end.

Finally, for a simple activity, think about stepping out to a local library when it’s story time during the day. Ensure that you have selected a few books packed with images and illustrations. This would help you narrate new stories and leave you with a reason to visit the library again and again. You might get something more for less when Black Friday sales are announced.

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