Sunday, November 6, 2016


When your little one is highly excited about Veterans Day, then you could add a little bit of fun with any one of these activities. We have compiled everything ranging from Statue of Liberty Crafts and  Activities to odd ones which involve red, blue and white shades as depicted on the American flag. Surely, you would keep your kids entertained all day long when you know it’s a federal holiday.

Statue of Liberty Crafts

Gather some old newspapers and roll them in a way that you form a shape of a cone. Let the children decide and paint them in the style that’s making them crazy. For the flame, stuff yellow and red tissue papers from the open end of the cone. Do also have your little ones create a crown through items available on Veterans Day sale so that they can associate themselves with the Statue of Liberty. Once done, line them up and let them parade either in your backyard or anywhere inside your apartment. If it’s the crown, then cut stars from red and blue card paper and send your kids a white band of paper. Such a kind of paper is more than sufficient to fit on their head properly. Ensure that the band is 1 ½ to 2 inches with respect to its breadth. Later, festoon the crown with stars after painting them with shades of red, blue and white. Additionally, you can also give them the freedom to paste stickers set in the colors mentioned above.

Flag and Windsock Crafts and  Activities
For the flags, you can ask your child, to begin with, plain and white card paper. Help them to paste read strips along with a blue square at the topmost left-hand side corner. Think about selecting white tissue paper for the stars. Instead, you can also opt for star stickers. When it’s time to make windsocks, roll a red, white or blue colored paper along the length. Post uniting them with the help of glue, attach a string on one of the ends and colored streamers on the other end.

There’s also another activity which we have in mind. For sure, it would totally be different and unique when you admire the effects on stars over the glass surface. Use construction paper cut in shapes of stars, and place them on glass as well as warm them up under a low flame. It’s obvious, that these stars should earlier be painted in red, blue and white shades. Later, as the paint melts and forms a coating on the glass surface you can observe stunning effects. Imagine how beautiful it would look when shiny stars are spread all over the glass surface.

Finally, you can indulge yourself in red, white and blue activities. Think about redefining a creation through puffy paint pictures. You need is to mix flour, water, and colored extracts thoroughly and squeeze them out with the help of empty bottles. You can buy these things during a Veterans Day offer. Once dry, the picture would sparkle and install the pleasure of creating something different.

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